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Whether you are a large manufacturer or a small company, ALFA offers customized solutions tailored to suit your business.

ALFA recycles 100% of all paper, glass, plastics and metals, diverting up to 40,000 tons from landfill. Recycling is easy and it starts at each work station or common area.

Once a detailed audit of your recycling needs is completed, ALFA will develop a custom program and retrieval schedule that fits within your budget and your timeline.

Pricing is based on both frequency (one-time purge, daily, weekly or monthly) and method of disposal (by container, weight or time). Collection bins are provided free of charge, volume permitting.

Paper and Cardboard Recycling
Our facility is capable of sorting, cleaning and processing all grades of paper fibre, including,

• office paper

• cardboard

• newsprint

• colored or coated stock

• packaging

• magazines/books

• photocopy/fax paper

The separated paper grades are baled for wholesale to paper producers worldwide. You put it in the collection bins we provide and we will ensure 100% of that paper fibre is reclaimed.

Glass, Plastic and Metal Recycling
ALFA is capable of recycling all grades of plastics (including PET, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PS, PC, PP, ABS), glass, tin, aluminum, steel and wood.

We process and supply graded plastics to various companies, including regrind.

100% Recycling

Your garbage is someone else's recycled treasure.

We recycle 100% of all materials received then sell that renewable resource to innovative companies who create post-consumer merchandise, everything from signage to furniture and coffee tumblers to apparel.

The final result is that consumer and commercial waste that was once landfilled is now diverted, reused and reintroduced into the marketplace as eco-friendly creations.