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One company is all you need.

We provide competitive pricing, cost-effective and environmentally positive solutions. Save money, time and energy by allowing ALFA to consolidate your recycling and waste disposal services.

ALFA can provide your business with all types of collection containers from desk-side bins and locked security totes to roll-off bins. We employ a full transportation fleet ready to pickup and securely transport your recycling, confidential shredding and non-hazardous mixed recyclables.

From desktop to trailer load, we handle any demand.

Whether you are a large manufacturer or a small company, ALFA offers customized solutions tailored to suit your business.

1.  We perform free audits to identify your recycling needs and to develop a waste reduction work plan.

2.  We offer secure, confidential shredding of your paper-based documents or electronic media.

3.  We are licensed to pickup, transfer, grade and dispose of your non-hazardous mixed recyclables.

4.  We offer state-of-the-art product destruction equipment and processes capable of recovering, separating, depackageing and destroying or recycling your defective, off-spec, dated or undesirable product.

Customer Service

We are devoted to providing on-going, innovative, environ-mentally responsible processes and practices while maintaining the highest standard of customer service.