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Whether you are a large manufacturer or a small company, ALFA offers customized solutions tailored to suit your business.

Non-Hazardous Waste Management
Reduce your facility's waste disposal costs by recycling your non-hazardous waste.
ALFA is licensed as a non-hazardous waste disposal site and transfer station. We operate under the covenants put forth by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and the Environmental Protection Act. We pickup waste, grade it and transfer it.

ALFA is a full participant in protecting, preserving and enhancing the environment. A full 98% of the non-hazardous waste we collect and process is diverted from landfill.

Waste products can either be delivered directly to our facility or we can arrange for collection and transportation on your behalf.
Greener Every Day

The recycling and waste management landscape is evolving, getting greener every day. New ideas, attitudes, laws and regulations all contribute to this change for the better. Landfilling waste that can be recaptured is no longer an acceptable waste management practice.