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Whether you are a large manufacturer or a small company, ALFA offers customized solutions tailored to suit your business.

Product Destruction
Destroy, separate, recover
Securely dispose of your unwanted, name-brand products and ensure that product does not inadvertently make its way back to market. ALFA will ensure that the product you want eliminated will never reappear in any form in the marketplace. Wherever possible both packaging and contents are recycled.

ALFA has the technology and experience to safely destroy, separate, recover and recycle varying types of product:

•  Electronic waste, including hard drives, CDs, storage media

•  Packaged or branded retail product

•  Damaged, recalled, improperly labeled or inferior-quality stock

•  Off-spec or outdated product

Eliminate Liability

Eliminate the potential liability associated with consumers obtaining off-spec or expired inventory recovered from landfill and publicly redistributed or returned to the corporation for a credit.