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Whether you are a large manufacturer or a small company, ALFA offers customized solutions tailored to suit your business.

Confidential Shredding
Keep your business, your business
Protect yourself and your company. Whether it's retired hard drives, electronic media, CDs or paper, ALFA can obliterate your sensitive, outdated information and ensure that your privacy is protected.

ALFA is very serious about protecting your personal information and corporate reputation, that's why we offer secure, confidential, off-site shredding. Off-site shredding is the most cost-effective, energy-efficient and secure method of confidential document destruction.

Ease of Use
ALFA provides locked consoles free of charge, volume permitting. No need to remove paperclips, staples or binding. Simply place your paper product in the slot, then, based on the agreed-upon schedule, ALFA will pickup, transport and shred your sensitive materials. Our video-monitored facility uses an industrial paper shredder that is significantly faster than any mobile unit.

Peace of Mind
Our shredding processes are tightly monitored to ensure the secure transition of your valuable information from original paper to shredded product. Document reconstruction is rendered impossible. Once shredding is complete, as a further measure of security, all paper fibre is immediately baled and securely stored till it's ready to be recycled into new product.

Documented Evidence of Destruction
To verify shredding is complete, a Certificate of Destruction is issued. ALFA welcomes you as a guest in our facility to witness the whole process, or, alternatively, we can send you a movie clip of the process.
Avoid Identity Theft

It may be surprising to learn that fraud artists today rely on stolen paper-based documents rather than electronic hacking to commit identity theft or corporate espionage.

Alfa Paper can obliterate all your sensitive paper-based information by shredding the paper into millions of tiny particles that can never again be reconstructed.