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Hamilton, ON L8H 3L3

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Do paper clips, staples and binding need to be removed before documents are placed into the confidential storage box?
No, there is no need to remove staples, clips, bindings or to sort grades or colours of paper. We have specialized equipment and processes at our facility that ensure this is done.

Is ALFA Insured?
Yes, we carry both Financial Assurance and Commercial General Liability insurance. Should something go wrong while your product is in our hands, you will be fully covered.

What does ALFA do with the paper after shredding?
Bales of shredded paper are sold to innovative third-party companies who find many new uses for this recycled product.

Can I watch material being shred?
Yes, you can be a guest in our facility and watch the whole process from shredding to baling or we can make you a movie clip to keep. ALFA will soon be offering off-site live monitoring so you can watch from the comfort of your own office.

Why is offsite shredding preferable?
Offsite shredding is cheaper and more secure. We are able to process more material in less time.

Do I have to sort paper?
No. We have specialized equipment and processes to sort and clean paper.
Did you Know?

Recycled plastics, glass, paper and metal are used in hundreds of post-consumer products, including coffee tumblers, apparel, zippers, animal bedding, benches, decks, boardwalks, furniture and many other every day products.